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Dear Dr. Brown,

Our conversation on Tuesday led me to reflect on my experience with the practitioners at Life Force Healing Center, and I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

When I first came to Life Force Healing Center, I was experiencing pain – in my neck, my back, my shoulders, my legs – on a regular basis, and I wanted it to stop. When we first spoke, I was impressed and heartened by your calmness and confidence, and your sincere interest in understanding and connecting with the person you are treating. It was clear to me that you understand healing to be an act of nurturing, done to aid another human being: you were not going to “cure” me, but would instead help me learn how to turn the “dis-ease” into ease.

Over the months, I have seen and felt positive changes in my body on the physical level, the energy level, and the spiritual level. Your artful combination of chiropractic, energy work, massage, humor, and compassion has helped me to feel strong, healthy, and brimming with life. Often, I feel like I’m shining with a positive light. In addition, Connie’s gentle but powerful energy work not only has helped to alleviate some specific problems, but also gives me a sense of well-being and vitality. After a session, I sometimes feel so full of energy that I think I could actually fly.

I believe that all beings are innately healers, and that the ability to heal is available to those who have an open mind and an open heart. But although it may be natural to heal, it is rare to find a group of practitioners who not only use this energy with skill and expertise, but also have a true gift for doing so.
The words “thank you” seem woefully inadequate, even though they come from the heart.


Dear Dr. Brown,

I want to say thank you for so many years of terrific care. Since my first visit to your cozy office on California, you haven’t just been my doctor but a real partner in my healthcare. Whether it has been to help me through some of my more challenging setbacks or just to come in for a “tuneup,” I have always walked away feeling better and more educated. It wasn’t until some of my setbacks needed more of a “team” approach that I came to really appreciate your wellness center, especially the acupuncture treatments of Connie Aburano. She is so knowledgeable and sensitive, and her unusual combination of acupuncture, reflexology and energy work was particularly powerful for me. As you already know, I look forward to scheduling back-to-back treatments with you both. My “spa days” are a real treat for me and are very rejuvenating for both my body and spirit. I hope I get to meet the other practitioners soon (in good health!) through workshops or other classes, and wish you all the best in your continued growth of the Life Force Healing Center.


I want to thank you for your wonderful and consistent care for me and my body with your chiropractic abilities; it has been such a wonderful experience through the years to be treated by you. It is also great that there are other wonderful professionals at Life Force. Through your center, I have found insight and relief in areas I did not even realize were affecting me and now understand at a much deeper level the interconnectedness of my life. My experience with your center has been nothing less than excellent. Thank you for total mind & body care!

With Appreciation,


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